Church of Christ in Zion, Illinois

Our membership includes Christans from the local area, as well as those who travel from places in Illinois like Gurnee, Round Lake, Antioch, Waukegan, Lake Villa, Grayslake, the Great Lakes Naval Base, and Chicago, as well as from cities in Wisconsin, such as Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee. We are located just a mile from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion, Illinois.

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Debates on baptism, Mormonism, premillennialism, miracles, the humanity of Christ, homosexuality, Catholicism, the Law of Moses, and limited church benevolence. Debate charts and audio files are also available.


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praetorian guardThe Praetorian Guard. The lesson outline discusses the importance of the Roman Praetorian Guard and how they had an impact on the life of Paul and the growth of the New Testament church. The Praetorian Guard’s primary role in the New Testament age was to protect the emperor and imperial family and to quash any potential rebellions, and they were the only military force allowed in the capital. Prisoners sent to Rome from the provinces in appeal cases, like the apostle Paul, were entrusted to the care of the prefect of the praetorian guard (8 pages; PDF file size: 354k).

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Hundreds of church bulletin articles on topics such as: marriage and divorce, Jesus Christ, Bible history and geography, baptism and salvation, preachers and preaching, elders and the eldership, the New Testament church, denominationalism, and living as a Christian.

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