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PowerPoint Backgrounds Of Corinth

Six images of the Temple of Apollo for use in PowerPoint sermon backgrounds. You can use one or all of these photos in your PowerPoint presentation, or create your own sermon template. I suggest you use the first photo as your title graphic, use the lighter version for bullet points, and the slide with the blue top for your Scriptures (put the Scripture reference, like 1 Corinthians 1:1, in the blue bar, and the actual text in the white section). If you create a sermon with PowerPoint using any of these backgrounds I would enjoy seeing it -- you can e-mail me a copy at the address below if you like (this is not required). These photos are all 1024x768 pixels, and are saved in one compressed ZIP file.

Download the Corinth PowerPoint Collection (1.o MB ZIP file).

Thumbnails of the backgrounds contained in this collection:

Corinth Temple of Apollo Powerpoint background PowerPoint sermons Sermon background PowerPoint Template

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