Debates On Bible Topics

Debate On Baptism Audio Debate

Dr. Don Phillips, a Baptist preacher, and David Padfield engaged in a public discussion on the purpose of water baptism (November 1990). The debate was held in Terre Haute, Indiana. In this debate Dr. Phillips told the audience that "You can't trust the apostle Peter because he was a legalist!" This debate is available here as thirteen MP3 files; charts from the debate are also available.

Debate On "Faith Only" Salvation Audio Debate

This debate took place in Evansville, Indiana in December of 1987 beteween David Padfield and Frank Watson. Though the debate was scheduled for four nights of debate, on the second night Mr. Watson withdrew from the debate after a brief nine minute statement. It was a shock to his moderator and all present. This debate is available here as six MP3 files.

Debate On The Book Of Mormon Audio Debate

In the fall of 1987 David Padfield and Paul Meade engaged in a debate on WLFI radio in Evansville, Indiana. Mr. Meade, a Mormon elder from England, affirmed the proposition that, "The Book of Mormon as translated by Joseph Smith is the inspired Word of God."

Debate On Premillennialism

Todd Weiner of York, Pennsylvania and David Padfield engaged in a public debate on premillennialism and the 1,000 reign of Christ on earth and His kingdom. The first two evenings of the debate were conducted in Evansville, Indiana on November 5 and 6, 1992. On November 19 and 20, 1992 the debate was continued in Baltimore, Maryland.

Debate On Limited Benevolence

Mac Deaver and David Padfield, both Christians, engaged in a four night public discussion in the Chicago area on the limits of church benevolence. Deaver affirmed it is the responsibility local churches to build and maintain hospitals, nursing homes and recreational facilities as a means of drawing people to Christ. Padfield maintained the gospel itself is the only drawing power God uses to bring men to His Son.

Debate On Miraculous Divine Healing

Ben Bogard was the greatest Baptist debater who ever lived. In 1934 he debated Amie Semple McPherson, founder of the Foursquare Gospel Church, on the subject of miraculous divine healing. Read a review of this debate and download the entire book.

Debate On Homosexuality Audio Debate

A radio debate between Jeff Asher and Robert Williams on homosexuality and the Bible. Mr. Williams is an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church.

Debate on The Humanity Of Christ

In 1999 Jeff Asher debated David Bonner in both Lufkin and Amarillo, Texas on the humanity of our Lord. Brother Asher has made his debate notes available to the public.

Debate On What Law Are We Under?

Wayne Greeson, a gospel preacher, hosted a Bible call-in radio program called Searching Daily in Northwest Arkansas. John Zecca and Michael Mastropalo, are members of the Assembly of Yahweh. This discussion on "What Law Are We Under?" is reviewed on this site, and is available for downloading.

Debate On Catholicism

Wayne Greeson, a gospel preacher, hosted a Bible call-in radio program in Northwest Arkansas. Bill Rutland was the Education Director for the St. Vincent De Paul parish of the Roman Catholic church located in Rogers, Arkansas. This discussion on the Roman Catholic Church is reviewed on this site, and is available for downloading.