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Sermon Outline Books by David Padfield

Wedding And Funeral Sermons, a collection of wedding and funeral sermons by David Padfield, Wayne Greeson, Harry Lewis, Brian Sullivan, Wayne Walker, Gene Taylor, and Robert Welch. (PDF file size: 144k)

Written For Our Learning, a new sermon outline book by David Padfield. This book of sermons contains some of David's favorite lessons dealing with Old Testament themes. You will probably find many things mentioned in this book that you have never heard anyone preach on before—and that his my goal. I have no desire to preach “new doctrines,” but I do enjoy preaching on topics that many brethren have neglected over the years (32 pages; PDF file size: 729k).

Jewish Sects of the Second Temple Period, a new book by David Padfield, contains a series of sermons on Jewish sects. Nearly every Bible student is familiar with as least two of the sects of the Jews that are mentioned in the New Testament, i.e., the Pharisees and the Sadducees. A careful reading of the Gospels reveals two other powerful parties—the Herodians and the Zealots. From ancient Jewish sources and secular history, we learn of two more sects—the Essenes and the Sicarii. In this study, we examine the six main Jewish sects of Second Temple Period (i.e., the period in ancient Israel between the construction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in 516 B.C. and its destruction by the Romans in A.D. 70). These outlines include much more information than was presented in the lessons—this is for the benefit of students who are not afraid to delve into the weightier matters of Biblical studies. These outlines also include additional source material to which many Bible students do not have ready access (30 pages; PDF file size: 627k).

Qualified Overseers is an exegetical study of the qualifications of an elder. This book contains four sermons on these qualifications and explores in great detail the meaning of each of the attributes set forth in Scripture. Instead of just quoting from Greek lexicons to find the meaning of the words found in the Greek text, this study focuses more on how the words have been rendered in over twenty English translations of the Bible (30 pages; PDF file size: 687k).

Prophets of Pentecost. An examination of the Old Testament prophecies concerning the establishment of the church and the coronation of the Messiah. This book contains six detailed sermon outlines. The first lesson explains what happened on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2, then the following lessons look at the prophecies of Joel, Isaiah, Daniel, and David. The final lesson discusses how Christians reign with Christ right now. (30 pages; PDF file size: 680k)

Days Of Vengeance. Jesus called the destruction of Jerusalem the "the days of vengeance" (Luke 21:22). The destruction of Jerusalem was an act of God's vengeance and judgment, not Rome's. The destruction of the holy city was not an accidental or arbitrary act, but the just recompense of reward for those who rejected God's Son. This book is a very detailed examination of the destruction of Jerusalem and a look at the events which followed. (32 pages; color photographs; PDF file size: 767k)

Bible Covenants. In the simplest form, a covenant is an agreement between two parties. The idea of a covenant between a holy God and His people is one of the central themes of the Bible. The extraordinary thing about God’s covenant with His people is that God is holy, all-knowing, and all powerful; but He condescended to enter into covenant with weak and sinful men. This new booklet discusses five great Bible covenants: Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic and the Covenant of Promise. (PDF file size: 718k)

Every Man Under His Fig Tree: Glimpses Of Life In Bible Times. This series of sermons draws valuable lessons for us from life in Bible times. The sermons include: 1) "Every Man Under His Fig Tree," based on Micah 4:4. It discusses the peace that only God can provide. 2) "The Potter And The Clay," based on Jeremiah 18:1-10, where God told Jeremiah to visit the potter's house and learn a lesson on how He deals with men and nations. 3) "Women Grinding At The Mill," based on Matthew 24:36-42. The lesson deals with the return of Christ. 4) "On The Doorposts Of Your House," based on Deuteronomy 6:4-5, which is the opening of the Shema, the fundamental creed of Judaism. 5) "What The Centurion Saw," based upon the centurion's confession that Jesus is the Son of God. Normally, as we discuss the death of Christ we approach it from the standpoint of Messianic prophecy, but the Centurion at the cross knew nothing about the Old Testament. How did he conclude that Jesus Christ was indeed the Son of God? (PDF file size: 572k)

The Early Years Of Saul Of Tarsus. On the great day of Pentecost, Jews from throughout the Greco-Roman world traveled to Jerusalem to worship God. While Jews were found in every nation throughout the civilized world, anti-Semitism flourished. Among the nations of antiquity, no nation was ever hated as much as Israel. If Christianity were ever going conquer the world, then someone would have to bridge the gap between Jews and Gentiles. In the providence of God, Saul of Tarsus was selected. This new book focuses on Saul's Jewish roots, his birth in Tarsus of Cilicia, and his education "at the feet of Gamaliel." This book contains numerous color photographs from Tarsus of Cilicia (modern day Turkey). (PDF file size: 1.3MB)

The Abominations of the Canaanites. The book of Deuteronomy contains a remarkable passage that explains the origin of the prophetic institution in Israel. The passage also stands as a warning to the Israelites who were about to enter Canaan, for there is a long list of the abominations of the Canaanites described here as well. The destruction of the Canaanites was not an attack on an innocent people; instead, it was God's righteous judgment against abominable sin. This free booklet describes what the "abominations of the Canaanites" actually involved, and then it shows how Moses was different from all of the other Old Testament prophets of God. The final section shows how Jesus Christ was "the Prophet" that Moses said would come after him. (PDF file size: 249k).

"Flesh And Blood Hath Not Revealed It." Before His final trip to Jerusalem, Jesus chose the region of Caesarea Philippi to ask His disciples, "Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?" If you were present on that occasion, listening to that lowly Galilean carpenter, would you, like Peter, have boldly confessed Him to be the Son of God? This new booklet by David Padfield examines the evidence that Peter could have used to come to his conclusion about the deity of Christ. The sections include: 1) the prophecies Jesus fulfilled, 2) the claims Jesus made, 3) the testimony of John the Baptist, and, 4) the miracles Jesus performed. (PDF file size: 368k)

The Beatitudes: The Path To A New Life, (second edition) a series of nine expository sermon outlines from the preamble to the Sermon on the Mount. (42 pages; PDF file size: 451k)

Against All The Gods Of Egypt (2nd edition, 2015). A six lesson series on the plagues Jehovah sent to punish the land of Egypt and her gods during the time of Moses. Special emphasis is given to showing how each plague was a direct insult to the gods in Egypt (56 pages with color photographs; PDF file size: 3.2MB).

The Truth About Mormonism, the largest of all American cults, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) has grown to a worldwide membership of over 11 million people -- yet it began in 1830 with just six members. This sixteen page booklet contains two sermon outlines on this cult. (PDF file size: 264k)

The Suffering Servant, an expository sermon outline based on the four "suffering servant" passages in the book of Isaiah. From these passages in Isaiah we are given a view of our Lord's life and character in the days of His flesh, His tenderness as well as His power, and the great deliverance He would bring, not only for the Jews, but for all the world. (PDF file size: 324k)

Adorning The Word (Vol. 3), is a collection of more than 30 charts for use in church bulletins and overhead transparencies. Topics include: baptism, faith, abortion, growth, and the kingdom. (PDF file size: 252k)

Adorning The Word (Vol. 4), is a collection of expository sermon outlines on Bible Characters. Contributors to this work include: Gary Fiscus, Wayne Greeson, Jeff Asher, Ron Roberts, Randy Blackaby, Rob Harbison, Terry Sanders, Wayne Walker, Larry Curry, Ed Dye, Gene Taylor, Carl Mullins and David Padfield. (PDF file size: 252k)

Adorning The Word (Vol. 5), by David Padfield and Jeff Asher. A series of free sermon outlines in a very detailed format. (PDF file size: 248k)

Adorning The Word (Vol. 6), this book contains nearly 30 detailed expository sermon outlines. Most outlines are in near manuscript format. Topics include: Soldiers of Christ; The Deity of Christ; The Compassion of the Pharisees; Forgiveness; Paul's Joy In Christ; The Mind of God; The Prodigal Parents; and many more. (PDF file size: 360k)

Individual Outlines by David Padfield

The Gospel Armor (2nd edition), an expository sermon outline comparing the armor worn by Roman soldiers to the "gospel armor" that is to be worn by Christians. Includes photos of Roman military uniforms from throughout the Roman empire. (PDF file size: 844k)

God And Government. Is it sinful for a Christian to serve in the military? This two-part sermon discusses the role of government and proves that it is lawful to service as a police officer or a member of the military. Two full-length sermon outlines in a 12 page booklet. (PDF file size: 240k)

Why Are There So Many Churches? Twelve charts used in an initial Home Bible Study. Shows history of denominationalism and makes a plea for a return to New Testament Christianity. (PDF file size: 104k)

Letting Your Light Shine (or, How To Be A Christian Without Embarrassing God). A detailed sermon outline showing that while we are to "let our light shine," God does not expect His people to live, act or dress like freaks. (PDF file size: 76k)

Matters Of Conscience: A Study Of Romans 14. Do Christians have the right to observe special days of devotion "unto the Lord"? The apostle Paul said, "Yes." This detailed sermon outline contains an exegesis of Romans 14 and notes the problems surrounding the observance of special days. The lesson also discusses the right of individual Christians to observe special days and other matters of conscience. (PDF file size: 393k)

Tolerance Without Sacrificing Conviction. Transcript of a lecture presented to 2,000 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, given at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 12, 2000. Muslims from throughout the world were present. The lecture gives a partial history of the city of Zion, Illinois and of it's founder, Dr. John Alexander Dowie. (PDF file size: 120k)

The Religion Of The Masonic Lodge, a very detailed sermon outline which explains that the Masonic Lodge is a religion -- a religion that is not compatible with the religion of Jesus Christ. The lesson explores the "secret" ritual of the Blue Lodge and the barbaric oaths that are taken at the Masonic alta.r (PDF file size: 292k)

Will We Recognize Each Other In Heaven? At one time or another, I suppose that nearly every Christian has pondered the great question, "Will we be able to recognize each other in heaven?" In death's dark hour, can I comfort the relatives of those who "died in the Lord" with the hope of a future reunion in heaven? The Scriptures assume we will know and recognize one another in heaven. (PDF file size: 318k)

"Withdrawing Fellowship". The subject of church discipline has caused no end of discussion among faithful brethren. Anyone even remotely familiar with the New Testament recognizes the Bible does speak on this subject. The problem comes in our application of what the Scriptures teach about it. The phrase most of my brethren like to use is “withdrawing fellowship.” Unfortunately, this phrase is not found anywhere on the pages of Sacred Writ. Beyond this, the way most congregations practice “withdrawing fellowship” is not even remotely connected with New Testament commands or approved examples. This booklet contains a very detailed sermon outline on the subject of corrective discipline within a local congregation. (PDF file size: 238k)

In God We Trust. This download is a detailed sermon outline on religion in American society. It contains a history of how "In God We Trust" came to be engraved on our currency and became our national motto. Did you know that for over 300 years the Bible was used as a textbook in public schools in America? How did we reach the point where God has been banned in America? (PDF file size: 247k)

The Kingdom Of Promise And Prophecy, by David Padfield. Sixteen sermon charts showing that the church was established as a result of Divine prophecy. Discusses passages such as Daniel 2, Isaiah 2 and Joel 2 (PDF file size: 114k).

Jehovah: An Eternal King, by David Padfield. Seven sermon charts showing how God has always had a kingdom, and has always been a sovereign king (PDF file size: 45k).

The Throne Of David, by David Padfield. Fifteen sermon charts showing how Christ was seated on David's throne when He ascended into heaven. His being seated at God's right hand is a fulfillment of 2 Samuel 7:12-13 (PDF file size: 82K).

Reigning With Christ, by David Padfield. Eight sermon charts showing how Christians reign with Christ right now, as spoken of in 2 Timothy 2:11-13 (PDF file size: 75k).

Matthew 24 And The Destruction Of Jerusalem, by David Padfield. Nineteen sermon charts explaining how Matthew 24 was fulfilled when Titus destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D. (PDF file size: 101k).

Sermon Outline Books by Gene Taylor

The Work Of The Lord, by Gene Taylor. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that Christians are "created in Christ Jesus for good works." Titus 2:14 says Christians are to be "zealous for good works." Titus 3:8 tells them to "be careful to maintain good works." 1 Corinthians 15:58 commands them to be "always abounding in the work of the Lord." This series of lessons was designed to help Christians live up to those responsibilities whether individually or collectively in the local church. Sermon topics include: "The Autopsy of a Dead Body;" "Why Aren't More Christians Involved in the Work of the Lord?" "Essentials to the Work of the Lord;" "The Work of the Church;" "The Success of the Early Church;" "Working and Cooperating with Other Christians;" and "Back to the Basics" (PDF File size: 252k).

Bible Greats Volume I: Great Bible Wonders. The Bible contains many miracles that were performed in order that people would see God’s awesome power and believe His word. Although God doesn’t demonstrate His power in the same way today, He has given us a permanent record of these miraculous events in His inspired word. By studying some of these fascinating stories in the Old and New Testaments we can strengthen our faith and better appreciate God’s marvelous power. These sermons may be presented as a series or independently for each lesson is complete in and of itself and does not build on previous lessons (PDF File size: 336k).

Bible Greats Volume II: Great Bible Examples. This series focuses on four of the many great examples in the Bible—Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and David—and then closes with the greatest example, Jesus Christ. These sermons may be presented as a series or independently for each lesson is complete in and of itself and does not build on previous lessons (PDF File size: 299k).

Bible Greats III: Great Champions for God. The Bible records the lives of many contenders for the faith who became "champions" in every sense of the word—champions for God. This series focuses on five of them—Gideon, Nehemiah, Esther, Peter and Paul. These champions offer lessons in obedience, faith, courage, patience, perseverance, spiritual growth and evangelism that will enrich the lives of all who hear them. These sermons may be presented as a series or independently for each lesson is complete in and of itself and does not build on previous lessons (PDF File size: 328k).

His Banner Over Us Is Love. This series of five sermons is on love. Is there any greater theme than love? If we learn to appreciate the boundless love that God has shown toward us, we will have no problem at all in returning that love through obedience to His divine word. Christ said, "If you love me you will keep my commandments." (John 14:15) In the Bible God has given us the many qualities of love and numerous examples of that love. The lessons in this series will help all ages to better understand the love God has for mankind and the love we need to manifest toward Him and our fellow man. These sermons may be presented as a series or independently for each lesson is complete in and of itself and does not build on previous lessons (PDF File size: 184k).

Making Your Call and Election Sure. This series of sermons focuses on those things the Scriptures tell us that as Christians we need to do to make certain our salvation. To help make "our call and election sure" and secure our hearts before God, these lessons suggest we should "Put on the Armor of God," "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself," "Choose Good Companions," "Use Your Talents Wisely," and "Grow in Jesus Every Day." These sermons may be presented as a series or independently for each lesson is complete in and of itself and does not build on previous lessons (PDF file size: 308k).

Living In God's World. The aim of this series is to firmly establish the supreme authority of God as the creator and ruler of the universe and all that is in it and to show us how we are to live in response to Him and His provisions for us and our well-being. The lessons are designed to contain basic values useful in establishing a pattern for righteous living. The series begins by examining "The Godhead." It then considers, in order, "The World - God’s Creation," "The Bible - God’s Revelation," "The Families of God," and "Civil Government - A Plan of God." These sermons may be presented as a series or independently for each lesson is complete in and of itself and does not build on previous lessons (PDF file size: 244k).

Because Jesus Died for Me. This sermon series focuses on Jesus and our responsibilities to Him. Since He made the supreme sacrifice for us by leaving heaven, coming to earth, living a sinless life, then dying a sacrificial death on the cross, we should live our lives for Him and His glory. These sermons may be presented as a series or independently for each lesson is complete in and of itself and does not build on previous lessons (PDF file size: 289k).

More Than Conquerors, a series of sermons by Gene Taylor. This series of five sermons emphasizes the theme expressed in Romans 8:37, where the apostle Paul wrote, "Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." These lessons cover five distinct areas which demonstrate not only the victories that God granted to His people in every age but also the victories that are available to us today in Jesus Christ (PDF file size: 388k).

Jesus: The Miracle Worker, a series of sermons on the miracles of Jesus. This series of sermons considers the miracles of Jesus and their purpose; the relationship of His miracles to Old Testament prophecy; how His miracles validated both His teaching and person; and how they demonstrated a power superior to that of Satan (PDF file size: 420k).

Sermons Of Truth And Reason (Vol. 1), contains 26 capsule sermon outlines on various Bible topics. Included are lessons on happiness, the authority of Jesus, the fear of the Lord, impenitence, prayer, overcoming sin, walking by faith, the temptation of Jesus, the parent-child relationship, wisdom, forgiveness and salvation (PDF file size: 180k).

Sermons Of Truth And Reason (Vol. 2), contains 27 full sermon outlines on various Bible topics including a seven lesson series on worship. Some of the other topics are "Measuring Spiritual Maturity," "Learning and Teaching Proper Respect," "Laziness," "Worldliness," "Making Wise Choices," and "In the World Not of the World" (PDF file size: 409k).

Sermons Of Truth And Reason (Vol. 3), this book contains 20 full outlines which are ready to preach. Topics, which range from very basic to deeper studies, include "Calling On the Name of the Lord," "The Power of the Word of God," "Building a Strong Congregation," "The Antichrist," "The Millennial Reign," and "The Example of Youth" (PDF file size: 346k).

Sermons Of Truth And Reason (Vol. 4). This book contains 20 full outlines which are ready to preach. Topics, which range from very basic to deeper studies, include "The Power of Example," "The Blessing Of Forgiveness," "Behavior At Services," "The Beautiful Woman," "By Nature The Children Of Wrath," "Being Happy As A Christian," and "The Possibility Of Apostasy" (PDF file size: 344k).

Sermons of Truth and Reason (Vol. 5). This book of sermons contains 15 complete and detailed outlines which are ready to preach. They are on a variety of Biblical topics and include three lessons which focus on Jesus: "Jesus Christ: The Son of God," "Jesus Christ: The Son of Man," and "Jesus Christ: The Sacrifice for Sin" (File size: 340k).

Sermons of Truth and Reason (Vol. 6). This is a collection of twenty Bible-based sermon outlines by Gene Taylor that are ready to preach. The lessons are on a variety of topics including "The One Approved of God;" "The Influence of Baal on Our Worship;" "Growing as a Christian;" "Self-Righteousness;" "Who Is a Christian?" and "Resisting the Devil." (File size: 364k).

Preaching On Prayer, this book contains eight sermon outlines on the vital topic of prayer. Topics include: "What Is Prayer?," "The Elements of Prayer," "Assumptions of Prayer," "The Power of Prayer -- Its Blessings," "Things for Which to Pray," "Keys to Acceptable Prayer," "The Model Prayer," and "Common Questions on Prayer" (PDF file size: 356k).

Calvinism Analyzed And Answered, this is a six lesson study which considers the doctrines of Calvinism then compares and contrasts them with Scripture to see whether or not they stand or fall in light of God's word. It can be used in a class study or presented from the pulpit (PDF file size: 432k).

Sermons On Local Church Government: Elders And Deacons, this sermon outline book contains lessons on: (1) "Why This Church Needs Elders;" (2) "'Elders' in the Old Testament: An Historical Perspective;" (3) "The New Testament Designations of Elders;" (4) "Eldership Responsibilities;" (5) "The Qualifications for Elders;" (6) "Developing Elders;" and (7) "The Qualifications and Work of Deacons" (PDF file size: 312k).

Sermon Outline Books by Jeff Asher

God Is.... Whether or not we believe God exists determines our conduct before Him. The man who denies the existence of Deity is not concerned with pleasing Him, neither does he fear displeasing Him. The lessons in "God Is..." are designed to call us to a practical consideration of God's attributes and character in order to instill in us not only faith in His existence, but confidence in His willingness to save and readiness to judge. Through this study men will hopefully imbibe more of the divine nature and prepare themselves to meet their Maker and Redeemer at the gates of Eternity. Thirteen full outlines in 66 pages (PDF file size: 249k).

What I Want My Children To Know, contains the title sermon and ten other sermon outlines directed toward families with children and young adults. These sermons whether preached from the pulpit, studied as a class or used for private encouragement should be helpful to Christian families struggling with the challenges of our world (PDF file size: 468k).

Questions About Faith, a sermon outline directed at answering the most common questions asked about one of the most important of Bible subjects. Learn the importance, source, character, nature and saving efficacy of faith. A very detailed sermon outline of 19 pages (PDF file size: 152k).

Christ And The Church, the 2002 Dumas Drive Lectureship book. Twenty-four full outlines by Ed Dye, A.W. Goff and Elmer Moore. Each of these men contributed eight outlines for the making of this book (99 pages). There are six outlines each on the four theme topics: Ephesians: The Church the Manifold Wisdom of God, God's Holy Temple: The Work, Worship and Organization of the Church, What Is the Church of Christ?, and For Christ and the Church (PDF file size: 376k).

The Gospel By Which We Are Saved, the 2001 Dumas Drive Lectureship book. Twenty-four full outlines by A.W. Goff, Wayne Goff and David Goff. Each of these men contributed eight outlines for the making of this book (69 pages). There are six outlines each on Galatians: The Gospel of Our Liberty, What the Church Needs to Succeed in the 21st Century, The Gospel of Jesus Christ (A study of 1 Corinthians 15:1-5) and The Essentials of Our Salvation (PDF file size: 524k).

Gospel Sermons That Save Souls, seven full sermon outlines that are suitable for Gospel Meetings or local evangelistic work. These sermons have been used by the author over the last 25 years and have proved effective in reaching souls steeped in the ways of the world and confused by the errors of denominationalism. Each outline is thorough in its examination of text and themes (PDF file size: 556k).

The Dreams And Visions Of The Prophet Daniel, a series of seven detailed sermon outlines on the visions of the prophet Daniel. These outlines can also be used in a class setting. Includes several charts in a 58 page book (PDF file size: 440k).

12 Reasons Why Baptism Is Not Essential For Salvation. A series of radio addresses directed at answering twelve objections raised by a Baptist Preacher to the Bible doctrine concerning baptism "for the remission of sins" as taught in Acts 2:38 and other New Testament texts (PDF file size: 476k).

Sermons Outlines by Other Authors

Be Perfect (Sermons on James), by Keith Sharp. Twenty sermon outlines, including such lessons as: Triumph Through Trials; Don't Blame God; Respect Of Persons; Just One Little Sin; Faith And Works; Two Wisdoms; Life Without God; Patience; and, The Power Of Prayer (PDF File size: 200k).

Sermons On The Holy Spirit, by Keith Sharp. The 12 sermons in this book will aid anyone who desires a better understanding of the work and mission of the Holy Spirit. Some of the sermons include: "The Holy Spirit and Christ"; "The Holy Spirit and the Apostles"; "Baptism of the Holy Spirit"; "Spiritual Gifts"; "The Witness of the Spirits"; "The Indwelling of the Spirit"; "Sins Against the Holy Spirit"; and several more (PDF file size: 160k).

Sowing The Seed, Vol. 3, by Wayne Greeson. This book contains 20 full sermon outlines which are ready to preach. Topics include "Wise Advise," "The Abundant Life," "Little Foxes," "Giants and Grasshoppers," "God's Law Of Harvest," and "Have I Become Your Enemy?" (107 pages) (PDF file size: 648k).