Bible Land Photographs For PowerPoint Presentations

Greece: Corinth

  • Greece: Corinth: Before the Judgment Seat
    Gene Taylor standing before the Seat of Judgment in Corinth
  • Greece: Corinth: The Bema (Place of Judgment)
    Ferrell Jenkins standing on the Judgment Seat
  • Greece: Corinth: The Erastus Inscription
    Ferrell Jenkins showing the Erastus Inscription at Corinth
  • Greece: Corinth: Ex Votos From The Sanctuary At Corinth
  • Greece: Corinth: The Fountain of Peirene
  • Greece: Corinth: Roman Emperor Nero
    Notice Nero's Head Covering
  • Greece: Corinth: Streets of Corinth
    The Acrocorinth is in the background
  • Greece: Corinth: The Temple of Apollo
  • Greece: Corinth: The Temple of Apollo
  • Greece: Corinth: Acrocorinth
  • Greece: Corinth: Agora (Marketplace)
  • Greece: Corinth: Agora (Marketplace)
  • Greece: Corinth: Boat on Stone Relief
  • Greece: Corinth: Erastus Inscription
  • Greece: Corinth: Streets of Ancient Corinth
  • Greece: Corinth: Temple of Apollo
  • Greece: Corinth: Temple of Apollo
  • Greece: Corinth: Trajan Inscription
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  1. Before the Judgment Seat
  2. The Bema, Place of Judgment
  3. The Erastus Inscription (with Ferrell Jenkins)
  4. Ex Votos from the Santuary
  5. The Fountain of Peirene
  6. Nero with Head Covering
  7. Streets of Corinth and the Acrocorinth
  8. The Temple of Apollo (1)
  9. The Temple of Apollo (2)
  10. Acrocorinth
  11. The Agora (Marketplace) at Corinth (1)
  12. The Agora (Marketplace) at Corinth (2)
  13. Boat on Stone Relief
  14. Erastus Inscription
  15. Streets of Ancient Corinth
  16. Temple of Apollo (3)
  17. Temple of Apollo (4)
  18. Trajan Inscription at Corinth