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Israel: Caesarea Philippi

  • Israel: Caesarea Philippi: Near Mount Hermon
    The city of Caesarea Philippi is on the southwestern slope of Mount Hermon and the northernmost extent of Jesus' ministry.
  • Israel: Caesarea Philippi: The Cave
    This cave is said to be the birthplace of the Greek god Pan, the god of nature, fields, forests, mountains, flocks and shepherds.
  • Israel: Caesarea Philippi: Niches
    During the Hellenistic period, a sanctuary was built to Pan. There are five niches hewn out of rock to the right of the cave. At one time they probably held statues. Three of the niches bear inscriptions in Greek mentioning Pan, Echo and Galerius (one of Pan's priests).
  • Israel: Caesarea Philippi:
    Caesarea Philippi is one of the most pleasant sites in Israel. It is on a terrace 1,150 feet high overlooking a fertile valley.
  • Israel: Caesarea Philippi:
    The original name for Caesarea Philippi was Panias (also spelt Paneas, Paneion and Paneias). The modern name is Banias is an Arabic corruption of Panias.
  • Israel: Caesarea Philippi:
    In 2 B.C. Herod the Great's son, Philip, named it Caesarea in honor of Augustus, and, to differentiate it from Caesarea Maritima, it became known as Caesarea Philippi.
  • Israel: Caesarea Philippi:
    Caesarea Philippi was probably destroyed by an earthquake in 363 A.D.
  • Israel: Caesarea Philippi:
  • Israel: Caesarea Philippi:
  • Israel: Caesarea Philippi: River Jordan
    The Jordan river has four main sources, and the cave at Caesarea Philippi is its' easternmost source.
  • Israel: Caesarea Philippi: River Jordan
  • Israel: Caesarea Philippi: River Jordan
  • Israel: Caesarea Philippi: Banias Waterfall
    This nearby waterfall is one of the others sources of the Jordan River
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  1. Caesarea Philippi
  2. Caesarea Philippi
  3. Caesarea Philippi
  4. Caesarea Philippi
  5. Caesarea Philippi
  6. Caesarea Philippi
  7. Caesarea Philippi
  8. Caesarea Philippi
  9. Caesarea Philippi
  10. The Jordan River
  11. The Jordan River
  12. The Jordan River
  13. The Banias Waterfall