Bible Land Photographs For PowerPoint Presentations

Bible Times: Roman Army Reenacment

  • Roman Army: Soldiers
  • Roman Army: Marching
  • Roman Army: Formation with Shields
  • Roman Army: Defensive Formation
  • Roman Army: Marching
  • Roman Army: Standard of the Legion
  • Roman Army: Throwing Spear
  • Roman Army: Breastplate
  • Roman Army: Helmet
  • Roman Army: Orbis Formation
  • Roman Army: Sandals
  • Roman Army: Oblong Shield
  • Roman Army: Sword Fight
  • Roman Army: Sword
  • Roman Army: Testudo Formation
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To download the full-size (1024x768 pixel) photographs: Right-click on the links below to either "save file to disk" or "open file in a new window." These copyrighted photographs of the Bible lands may be used as PowerPoint sermon backgrounds and in Bible class lessons, but they may not be placed on any other website.

  1. Roman Army in Battle Gear
  2. Roman Army in Formation
  3. Roman Army in Formation
  4. Roman Army in Formation
  5. Roman Army in Formation
  6. Roman Army Legion Standard
  7. Roman Army Soldier Throwing Spear
  8. Roman Army Breastplate
  9. Roman Army Helmet
  10. Roman Army Orbis Formation
  11. Roman Army Sandals
  12. Roman Army Shield
  13. Roman Army Sword Fight
  14. Roman Army Sword
  15. Roman Army Testudo Formation