The ABC's Of The Bible

by David Padfield

A is for Abraham, the father of the faithful.

B is for Baptism, the way believers get into Christ.

C is for Christ who died on the Cross.

D is for the Deacons who serve in the Lord's church.

E is for the Elders who oversee the work of the church.

F is for Faith which comes from hearing the word of God.

G is for God who created this world.

H is for the Holy Spirit who revealed God's word.

I is for the Israelites who were God's chosen people.

J is for Jerusalem, where the church was established.

K is for the three great Kings of Israel: Saul, David & Solomon.

L is for the Love God showed when He gave His only Son.

M is for Moses who led God's people out of Egypt.

N is for the Narrow road which leads to heaven.

O is for our Obedience which pleases God.

P is for Peter and Paul who preached God's word.

Q is for the Quaking of the mountains when God gave the Law.

R is for the Rainbow God gave Noah after the Flood.

S is for Satan, the enemy of God's people.

T is for the Ten Commandments given to Moses at Mt. Sinai.

U is for the Unity of God's people.

V is for the Victory that will be ours.

W is for the Word of God revealed in the Bible.

X is for the Exodus of God's people from Egypt to Canaan.

Y is for the Young who must always remember God.

Z is for the Zeal shown by Christians.

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