Free Books by Keith Sharp

Sermon Outlines

Sharp Sermons. This massive book contains 237 pages of sermon outlines on a wide variety of Bible topics. Keith first put this book together in 1992 for use in Nigeria, and has edited and added to it through the years. These are basic Bible studies, not cute or catchy seromonettes. (250 pages; PDF file size 983k)

Preach The Word. Eleven sermons on the work of a preacher, preparing a sermon, and how to preach the gospel of Christ. (18 pages; PDF file size 159k)

God's Plan For The Home. Nine sermon outlines on the nature of the home, God's plan for husbands and wives, and the role of parents and children in the home. (18 pages; PDF file size 225k)

Be Perfect (Sermons on James) Twenty sermon outlines, including such lessons as: Triumph Through Trials; Don't Blame God; Respect Of Persons; Just One Little Sin; Faith And Works; Two Wisdoms; Life Without God; Patience; and, The Power Of Prayer. (37 pages; PDF file size 209k)

Sermons On The Holy Spirit. The 12 sermons in this book will aid anyone who desires a better understanding of the work and mission of the Holy Spirit. Some of the sermons include: "The Holy Spirit and Christ"; "The Holy Spirit and the Apostles"; "Baptism of the Holy Spirit"; "Spiritual Gifts"; "The Witness of the Spirits"; "The Indwelling of the Spirit"; "Sins Against the Holy Spirit"; and several more. (22 pages; PDF file size 168k)

Bible Class Books

A Survey Of The Bible is a Bible study guide has 22 lessons and is designed to serve as an introduction to the Bible. This book is suitable for use in classes from junior high through the adult level. This book is filled with charts and maps. (111 pages; PDF file size 3.3 MB)

Study Guide To The Law. This 97-page workbook begins with an overview explanation of the Law of Moses and what it teaches us. It is divided into 26 lessons covering Exodus through Deuteronomy in synoptic style (the same Law is studied in one section covering each time it is introduced and expanded in Exodus through Deuteronomy). The first two lessons introduce the four books of the Law. Each lesson begins with a memory verse. The workbook contains several types of questions: terms to define, places to locate, people to identify, a few fill-in-the-blank exercises, fact questions, thought questions, reports to the class, charts to fill in, maps to fill in, and reviews. There are charts to teach the principles of the Law, a glossary of all the terms to define, and maps on which to locate places mentioned. (97 pages; PDF file size 3.1 MB)

Workbook On Genesis. Twenty-five lessons on the book of Genesis, suitable for high school through adult classes. (86 pages; PDF file size 1.4 MB)

Notes On The Book Of Hebrews. This book of notes provides over 40 lesson outlines for the book of Hebrews. (53 pages; PDF file size 254k)

The Fields Are White is an adult Bible class book on the subject of evangelism. It is designed to cover from a biblical viewpoint all aspects of the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Its thirteen chapters cover "The Great Commission"; the Gospel, the God-ordained power to reach the lost; the relationship of prayer to evangelism; local evangelism; the influence of our lives on the lost; the importance of each Christian seeking the lost; two lessons on the work of an evangelist (preacher); the importance of preaching the whole counsel of God; the place of contending for the faith; foreign evangelism; and a lesson by Scott Futrell on "Why the Church Is Not Growing Today." Each lesson has fact questions and thought questions for class discussion. (83 pages; PDF file size: 782k)

Setting The Church In Order is a class book on the organization and responsibilities in a local congregation of God's people. This booklet has twelve lessons and covers the work of preachers, elders, deacons, and all members of the congregation. (16 pages; PDF file size: 168k)

The Parables Of The Master. Twenty-five Bible class lessons on the parables taught by Jesus. (100 pages; PDF file size 745k)

The Institutional Issues in the Twenty-first Century (revised). A study of the issues that have often divided the people of God. (74 pages; PDF file size 1.3 MB)

The Purpose Of Baptism. A review of "I Want to Be Baptised," by Eric Lane. (35 pages; PDF file size 385k)

Bible Correspondence Course. Click on this link to download a ZIP file that contains all 26 lessons (and a grading key) for Keith Sharp's Bible Study Course. (26 lesson sheets; 2.7 MB ZIP file)