Bible Class Books (Topical Studies)

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Topical Bible Studies: Old Testament

The Old Testament Cover To Cover, Volume 1, by Gene Taylor. This book contains a survey of the Old Testament from the books of Genesis through Ezra (PDF file size: 490k).

The Old Testament Cover To Cover, Volume 2, by Gene Taylor. This book contains a survey of the Old Testament from the books of Nehemiah through Hosea (PDF file size: 476k).

The Old Testament Cover To Cover, Volume 3, by Gene Taylor. This book contains a survey of the Old Testament from the books of Joel through Malachi (PDF file size: 387k).

Daily Nuggets From Genesis, by Jeff Asher. A series of daily Bible readings and drills from the Old Testament Book of Genesis to be used in Youth Classes, as a daily devotional or as an aid in home schools for including Bible reading in the curriculum (PDF file size: 328k).

Characters In Genesis, by Gene Taylor. This 12-lesson class book covers such Bible characters as Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Moah, Abraham, Lot, Melchizedek, Isaac, Esau, Jacob, and Joseph (65 pages; PDF size: 393k).

Men And Women Of The Old Testament, by Jeff Asher. Twenty-six lessons by Jeff Asher from the book of Genesis studying Adam to Judah. Emphasis is on their lives, their character and their solutions, right or wrong, to the challenges they faced. This free booklet has 27 pages, including a color cover (PDF File size: 374k).

Kings and Prophets, by Rob Harbison. A chronological study of the kings and prophets of both the United and Divided Kingdoms. This study also chronicles each of the Old Testament prophets within their place in the history of either the northern tribes of Israel or the southern tribes of Judah (PDF file size: 420k).

Prophecy And The Prophets, by Gene Taylor. This 26 lesson study examines the prophetic office, those who filled it, and its role among God's people. It includes introductory surveys on all the books of both the major and Minor Prophets along with lessons on the non-writing prophets and prophecy in the New Testament (PDF file size: 744k).

The Divided Kingdom, by F.L. Booth. The Divided Kingdom and Kingdom of Judah Alone periods in the Bible are an essential but often neglected study. A basic knowledge of these periods of Jewish history is necessary to an understanding of the prophets of the Old Testament and their message. The challenge for us today in the study of the Divided Kingdom is to contemplate God’s dealings with peoples and nations. God poured forth his blessings on the obedient and righteous, but He sent his judgments upon the disobedient and unrighteous. It is for us, therefore, to determine our course of action, whether we walk in compliance or rebellion to God’s word (116 pages; PDF file size: 2.6MB).

Between The Testaments, by Gene Taylor. This is 12 lesson study of the 400 year period of Biblical silence between the testaments and the world empires which impacted it and the events in Scripture (PDF file size 447k).

Topical Bible Studies: New Testament

New Testament Survey, by David Padfield. A brief overview of every book in the New Testament, along with charts and maps. A six to nine month study. This free Bible class book is for high school and adult Bible classes (PDF file size: 266k).

A Study Of The Parables of Jesus, by Gene Taylor. A 13 lesson study which includes an introductory lesson on understanding parables and their purposes. The text of the parable from the King James Version is included in each lesson (PDF file size: 463k).

The Parables Of Jesus, a work book by Jeff Asher, contains 26 lessons, with questions for each parable. An excellent study (PDF file size: 76k).

A Chronological Study Of The Life of Jesus, by Gene Taylor. The Fourfold Gospel by J.W. McGarvey and Philip Y. Pendleton is regarded as a classic work. For many years brethren have used it in Bible classes to study the gospels in chronological order. There has never been a study guide to accompany it—that is, until now. This work book was developed to meet that need. This class book does not have to be used in connection with The Fourfold Gospel. It can be an independent study using only it and the Bible (PDF file size: 812k).

Daily Nuggets From The Gospel Of John, by Jeff Asher. A series of daily Bible readings and drills from the New Testament Book of John to be used in Youth Classes, as a daily devotional or as an aid in home schools for including Bible reading in the curriculum (PDF file size: 76k).

The Life And Epistles Of The Apostle Peter, by Jeff Asher. This is a character study of the life of the Apostle Peter based upon the accounts of his life found in the four Gospel records and his two epistles. Emphasis is given to the aspects of his life and writings that have practical application for the present-day believer (PDF file size: 384k).

Topical Bible Studies: Godly Living

Why God Gave Man The Bible, by Gene Taylor. God has a definite purpose in everything He does. He has never engaged in idleness. He has never done something just for the sake of doing it. He had a purpose(s) in giving the Bible to man. Those purposes will be accomplished. This study explores some of the reasons God gave man the Bible especially considering those which pertain to man's salvation. Each lesson is on one side of a letter sized page so that it can be easily shared and displayed when one is teaching another what he must do to be saved (PDF file size: 303k).

The Family As God Would Have It, by Gene Taylor. The family was created by God to provide for the well being of mankind. He has given principles by which it is to be governed. This booklet looks at the responsibilities that God has placed upon fathers, mothers and children in relation to the family unit. If each family member would live up to his/her God-given responsibility, the family would have peace, love and happiness (PDF file size: 627k).

Basic Concepts In Scripture, by Gene Taylor. This is a study which covers concepts which are basic to understanding the word of God. The lessons include the topics the Godhead, Sin, Righteousness, Redemption, Atonement, Conversion, Justification and Sanctification, Faith, Grace, and Love (PDF file size: 410k).

The Transformed Life, by Gene Taylor. This is an in-depth study of Romans 12. Over the years Gene has often gone to the twelfth chapter of the book of Romans to remind himself how he ought to be living as a Christian. It has been most helpful in guiding him on the path that he believes the Savior would want him to walk. These lessons have been prepared in this form so that as many people who read and study them may come to understand and appreciate the wonderful information the apostle Paul has given in Romans 12 as to how to live before God and others as a follower of Jesus Christ (PDF file size: 283k).

Moral Issues Facing The Church, by Rob Harbison. With so much heated debate among religious and non-religious people over a multitude of moral issues, God's word must be the final authority. What does the Bible say about various moral issues? These lessons point us to the Scriptures themselves for our answers. This series has long been the most requested series among these downloads (PDF file size: 600k).

Worshipping God, by Rob Harbison. Did man create a god to worship, or did God create men to worship Him. When people realize the greatness of God and the smallness of themselves, worship is the natural response. These lessons examine the nature of worship and the worship God authorizes us to perform (PDF file size: 268k).

Resisting Satan, by Rob Harbison. Resist the devil and he will flee from us. But how can we do that? These lessons help us understand the spiritual battle being waged for our souls. They help us understand our enemy and our challenges to overcome his deadly spiritual weapons (PDF file size: 196k).

Worshiping the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness, by Gene Taylor. God has always desired and demanded the worship of His people. Today, He expects no less from those who are in the church of His Son. He has clearly stated those expectations and demands in Scripture. In this 13 lesson study, you will explore the inspired Scriptures to see how to properly worship God and what you must do in order to be a true worshiper before Him. David, the psalmist, in Psalm 29:2, said, "Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness" (PDF File size: 564k).

The Godly Man, by Gene Taylor. While it is important for men to develop their skills to effectively participate in a public way in the worship services, it is equally important, if not more so, for them to learn what God would have them to be and do as husbands and fathers. If more men would live by the principles set forth in God's word in this area, as well as in all others, their homes would be a great blessing to them, their wives and children. We present this study with that hope in mind. As we direct you to the teachings of the word of God on being a good Christian, a good husband and a good father, we hope you will not only learn what those teachings are but will make a diligent effort to apply those instructions in your life so that you will be the kind of man God wants you to be (PDF file size: 310k).

You Are A Christian, by Gene Taylor. New Christians need to be grounded in the faith. They need to develop a foundation upon which they can live faithful lives in the face of temptation, adversity, hypocrisy and other perils along the way to heaven. This class book and study guide has been prepared to help those who are new in the faith to understand some basic concepts necessary to living successfully as a Christian. It may be used in both private study or class room study (PDF file size: 245k).

Difficult Issues Taken From Today's Headlines, by Matt Hennecke. A study of many difficult issues confronting Christians today, including: abortion, drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, cyberporn, etc. Sixteen lessons in all—an excellent class for teens (PDF file size: 892k).

Oh, To Be Like Thee, by Gene Taylor. This is a series of four class books—each book contains thirteen lessons on how the Christian might become more like Christ by conforming his life to the will of God. The lessons are of a practical nature to help the child of God on a day-to-day basis. Each lesson has several thought and discussion questions at its end. It is the hope of the author that these studies will facilitate the transformation the Christian is to make in order to become Christlike in every aspect of his life.

Topical Bible Studies: Teaching And Preaching

Success At Bible Teaching. Back in 1973 Sam Blinkley, Jr. and Martin Broadwell wrote an excellent training manual for "Success At Bible Teaching." This wonderful instructional manual has been out of print for years, but brother Broadwell has graciously allowed me to turn this book into a PDF file and enhance the printed quality of the book with Adobe ClearScan—the book will now print out beautifully on your home or office computer (130 pages; PDF file size: 2.4MB).

The Fields Are White, by Keith Sharp, is an adult Bible class book on the subject of evangelism. It is designed to cover from a biblical viewpoint all aspects of the fulfillment of the Great Commission (83 pages; PDF file size: 782k).

Communicating the Word of God Publicly, by Gene Taylor. This class book has 13 lessons on sermon preparation and presentation; making a short talk; extending the invitation; and teaching in a class room setting. This is an ideal for any men's training class (PDF File size 236k).

The Gospel Preacher, by Gene Taylor. There is a great deal of misunderstanding about the gospel preacher and his work. This ten lesson study has been developed to help clarify those misunderstandings. It has three objectives. 1) To define and describe scriptural preaching and the one who does it. 2) To illustrate the importance of gospel preaching. 3) To give practical advice on all aspects of life for the man who would preach and for others who want to understand the work of preaching (PDF file size: 246k).

A Study Of Hermeneutics, by Gene Taylor. It is vitally important that every person study the Bible properly in order to understand the truths it reveals. This can only be accomplished by using correct study methods in reference to Scripture. This 13 lesson was written with that in mind. It is hoped that each student will develop or reinforce proper study methods and habits in their investigation of God's word (PDF file size 394k).

A Study of Authority in Religion, by Gene Taylor. If a person is going to live a life which glorifies God and that will grant him salvation at the day of judgment, it is essential for him to understand the authority of Christ, its nature and how it is expressed. Yet, authority in religion is one of the most neglected and misunderstood studies, even among those who claim to be children of God. This is a 13 lesson study which has been prepared to help each one who studies it to understand how the Bible teaches and how authority is expressed and determined (PDF File size: 403k).

A Study Of Personal Evangelism, by Gene Taylor. This is a 10 lesson study on essential attitudes, worthy examples and some useful techniques for one to develop into a successful soul winner (PDF file size: 576k).

Being An Effective Bible Class Teacher, by Gene Taylor. This is a three lesson seminar designed to improve those who teach Bible classes in the local congregation. Topics include "A Good Teacher," "Becoming a Better Teacher," and "Teaching in a Classroom Setting" (PDF file size: 155k).

Prepared For Every Good Work, by Gene Taylor. A thirteen lesson study guide for a men's training class. Areas of study include responsibilities in worship, sermon preparation and presentation, and teaching a Bible class (PDF file size: 544k).

Topical Bible Studies: Misc. Topics

Bible Survey, by Keith Sharp. This Bible study guide has 22 lessons and is designed to serve as an introduction to the Bible, and is suitable for use in classes from junior high through the adult level. This 111 page book is filled with charts and maps (PDF file size: 3.3MB).

A Study Of Church History, by Gene Taylor. A study of church history is a study of the digressions that have plagued the cause of Christ down through the ages and how man struggled to overcome these apostasies. This thirteen lesson class book covers: The Establishment of the Church, Growth and Apostasy, The Reformation, The Causes and Roots of the Restoration, Early Leaders of the Restoration in America, Stone and Campbell, Cooperation Meetings and the Missionary Society, The Civil War, and Major Controversial Issues of the 20th Century (PDF file size: 504k).

A Study Of Denominations, by Gene Taylor. In an effort to help others see how people need to be a part of the one body, that one church being built by Jesus Christ (Matthew 16:18), this 13 lesson study was prepared. It examines several of the major denominations and religious groups in light of the Scriptures to see whether or not they fit within the guidelines given in God's holy word which define and delineate the Lord's church (PDF file size: 548k).

Bible Puzzles For Everyone (Vol. 1), by Jeff Asher. Crossword, Matching and Word Search Puzzles for use with Middle School through Adult Bible studies or Home Schools as a supplement or home assignment. These puzzles cover some general information and much of the book of Genesis (PDF file size: 1.6MB).

Bible Puzzles For Everyone (Vol. 2), by Jeff Asher. Over 90 new crossword, matching and word search puzzles for use with Middle School through Adult Bible studies or Home Schools as a supplement or home assignment. These puzzles cover some general information but most of the puzzles deal with the life of Christ (PDF file size: 1.3MB).

The Church Of Christ (Vol. 1), by Jeff Asher. Studies in the book of Acts and the Epistles designed to familiarize the student with the church Jesus built. 26 lessons (PDF file size: 157k).

The Church Of Christ (Vol. 2), by Jeff Asher. Studies in the book of Acts and the Epistles designed to familiarize the student with the church Jesus built. 26 lessons (PDF file size: 148k).

Mark Your Bibles. How many times have you wished that you had your Bible properly marked in order to answer the spiritual question of a co-worker, neighbor or friend? Now you can with this study guide. Mark Your Bibles is a thirteen lesson course suitable for adults, college age and high school students. This is a simple, forthright no nonsense approach to self-preparation to do personal work. This guide may be used as a curriculum for Bible classes or individual study. In the course students are directed in marking their Bibles for use in study with unbelievers in order to lead them to Christ. Each lessons gives instruction for the student in the meaning and application of 15 to 20 verses of Scripture over a variety of subjects which are often encountered and with which every believer ought to become familiar. Subjects covered include: The Nature of Man, What It Means to Believe on Jesus, The Bible Can Be Understood, Baptism Is Immersion Only and The Name Christian (PDF file size: 140k).

Seeking The Truth, a seven lesson home Bible study by Gene Taylor which is designed to be used as a correspondence course. Topics include "The Reality of God," "The Validity of the Bible," "Jesus, the Son of God," "Salvation: Our Need and Source," "Faith, Repentance and Confession," "Baptism," and "The Church of the Lord." Churches are welcome to reprint this series for use in their own Bible Correspondence Course (PDF file size: 995k). You will also want to download the Answer Key for this course (PDF file size: 512k).

Bible Correspondence Course, by Keith Sharp. Click on this link to download a ZIP file that contains all 26 lessons (and a grading key) for Keith's Bible Study Course. (26 lesson sheets; 2.7 MB ZIP file)

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