The High Road

by F.L. Booth

The road I've traveled the past few years
Is broad and easy but full of tears.
It beckons gaily, yet brings no hope
For peace of mind or a way to cope.

It says so subtly, Come follow me,
I'll take you places you want to see.
The road leads nowhere, and paved with lies,
Deceives the heart and destroys the prize.

Now over yonder there lies a road
That's built with promise to ease the load.
The way is narrow and sometimes steep
Where mountains rise up from canyons deep.

There's joy and blessings for those who dare
To tread its pathway each step with care.
The sun shines brightly and flowers bloom,
While birds sing sweetly dispelling gloom.

I'll pray for courage to change my course,
The Lord forgives and provides the source.
My family beckons and points the way,
Their love will follow my steps each day.

I'll chart the high road that winds above,
The Lord calls softly with tender love.
I'll take the hand He holds out to me
And trust His wisdom to set me free.

F.L. Booth is a member of the congregation in Zion, Illinois and has authored a Bible Class Curriculum for Sunday Schools and Bible classes.