A New Day

by F.L. Booth

As I walked along life's busy highway,
I ventured aside onto a byway.
At first it seemed like a good place to be,
Then a mountain rose up in front of me.

Though I tried to find the trail going round,
The pass was quite narrow and closed I found.
I couldn't turn back, nor ahead could see,
Then a voice from above said, Follow me.

He showed me a road winding high above
That sometimes is steep, but guarded with love.
He said, You've the strength and courage to climb,
Be patient and take one step at a time.

Now I take His hand, and He leads the way.
With Him to guide me I never can stray.
Each day dawns anew much brighter by far,
While the nights are clear with a twinkling star.

His grace and His love are a mighty force
To keep me safe as I travel the course.
Gladly I'll walk in His light every day.
And humbly with hope in His care I'll stay.

F.L. Booth is a member of the congregation in Zion, Illinois and has authored a Bible Class Curriculum for Sunday Schools and Bible classes.