Survey of the Bible

We are pleased to introduce a new Bible Survey class book by Keith Sharp. This free Bible study guide has 22 lessons and is designed to serve as an introduction to the Bible. This book is suitable for use in classes from junior high through the adult level. The lessons include…

Bible Survey
  1. The Periods of Bible History
  2. The Divine Plan of the Ages
  3. The Greatest Book in the World
  4. Creation
  5. The Fall
  6. Before the Flood
  7. The Flood
  8. Mankind Scattered
  9. The Patriarchs
  10. Egyptian Slavery
  11. Wilderness Wondering
  12. Conquest of Canaan
  13. The Judges
  14. The United Kingdom
  15. The Divided Kingdom
  16. Judah Alone
  17. Babylonian Captivity
  18. Restoration
  19. Silence
  20. The Life of Christ
  21. The Spread Of The Gospel
  22. Letters To Christians

This 111 page PDF file (3.3MB) is filled with charts and maps.