Written For Our Learning

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The older I get, the more I realize how shallow the preaching was at the congregations my parents attended as I was growing up. Preachers often presented “canned lessons” with little depth, and their knowledge of Old Testament manners and customs was either non-existent or just wrong.

This book of sermons contains some of my favorite lessons dealing with Old Testament themes. I claim originality for absolutely nothing in this book! Some of the notes I have used in developing these outlines were made many years ago, and I wasn’t always as careful back then about citing my sources as I should have been.

You will probably find many things mentioned in this book that you have never heard anyone preach on before—and that was my goal. I have no desire to preach “new doctrines,” but I do enjoy preaching on topics that many brethren have neglected over the years.

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Written For Our Learning is a free sermon outline book by David Padfield that you can download and print (32 pages; PDF file size: 729k). All of the books on this website may be reprinted by individuals, churches, schools, and seminaries for their teaching program. However, these books may not be altered in any way, and they must be given away at no charge.