The Fields Are White

The Fields Are White

The Fields Are White, by Keith Sharp, is an adult Bible class book on the subject of evangelism. It is designed to cover from a biblical viewpoint all aspects of the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Its thirteen chapters cover “The Great Commission”; the Gospel, the God-ordained power to reach the lost; the relationship of prayer to evangelism; local evangelism; the influence of our lives on the lost; the importance of each Christian seeking the lost; two lessons on the work of an evangelist (preacher); the importance of preaching the whole counsel of God; the place of contending for the faith; foreign evangelism; and a lesson by Scott Futrell on “Why the Church Is Not Growing Today.” Each lesson has fact questions and thought questions for class discussion.

Keith and Sandy Sharp lived in Northern New York State for 14 years and helped new, struggling congregations near Watertown/Fort Drum in far Northern New York, in Syracuse in Central New York, near Rochester in Western New York, and in Albany/Schenectady in Eastern New York. The back of the book contains a summary of the methods they learned and developed in home Bible studies and a series of lessons they used in these studies.

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