Lessons On Attitude

Lessons On Attitude

Many congregations have members who seem to struggle with bad attitudes. Carnal attitudes do great damage: not only to our own spiritual lives but also to the well-being of another person, an entire congregation, and even the cause of Christ in general. To that end, Gene Taylor wrote this book which has ten sermon outlines that demonstrate the proper attitudes a Christian should have toward different aspects of his service to the Lord and others (PDF File size: 233).

The Sermon Topics Include…

  1. Struggling with Attitude
  2. Proper Attitudes Toward the Bible
  3. Proper Attitudes Toward Sin
  4. A Contrast in Attitudes
  5. Attitudes in Conversion: The Example of Cornelius
  6. Proper Attitudes Toward the Word and Its Proclamation
  7. The Spirit of Sacrifice
  8. Proper Attitudes Toward God and Ourselves
  9. Proper Attitudes Toward Our Brethren
  10. Proper Attitudes Toward the Work of the Church

This is a free sermon outline book you can download and print out (32 pages; PDF file size: 233k).

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