Hermeneutics: How To Study The Bible

Hermeneutics, How to Study the Bible

It is vitally important that every person study the Bible properly in order to understand the truths it reveals. A knowledge and understanding of those truths, along with obedience to them, are essential to the salvation of one's soul (John 8:32). This can only be accomplished by using correct study methods in reference to Scripture.

Hermeneutics: How to Study the Bible (PDF file size 394k) is presented with that in mind. It is hoped that each student will develop or reinforce proper study methods and habits in their investigation of God's word.

This study is neither original nor exhaustive. Rather, it is a summary from a number of sources, a compilation of the best and most necessary concepts from each source.

It is our prayer that each of us will properly understand God's word and accurately apply it to our lives so that we will derive the full benefits of its blessings.

Table Of Contents

Section One: Prerequisites for This Study
Lesson One: Principles One Must Accept
Lesson Two: The Purpose, Necessity and Place of Common Sense
Lesson Three: Ten Essential Attitudes to a Study of the Bible

Section Two: Methods of Interpretation
Lesson Four: The Need for a Method of Interpretation
Lesson Five: Harmful Methods of Interpretation
Lesson Six: The Inductive Method of Interpretation

Section Three: The Basis of Hermeneutics
Lesson Seven: Hermeneutics and Related Terms Defined
Lesson Eight: Axioms of Hermeneutics

Section Four: Rules of Interpretation
Lesson Nine: Rules of Interpretation (Part I)
Lesson Ten: Rules of Interpretation (Part II)
Lesson Eleven: Rules of Interpretation (Part III)
Lesson Twelve: Rules of Interpretation (Part IV)
Lesson Thirteen: Rules of Interpretation (Part V)


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