Ordinary People Rising

This series of Bible studies by Brian Sullivan is dedicated to the ordinary people that God made into extra-ordinary servants in His Kingdom. God knew their full potential (as their Maker) and knew what they were capable of much more than they thought. Many of the Bible characters were ordinary people who loved God and did His will in their lives—who rose even above their expectations.

God created every person out of the same dirt (so to speak), and therefore we are all equally able to be used by Him in His service. In these lessons, we will see after laying the groundwork that God takes some of the most unlikely individuals and, with them, can do marvelous things. He has work for each of us, maybe you have discovered your role in His service, or perhaps your day is still ahead.

The Books In This Series

Ordinary People Rising (Volume 1) discusses how God made us all and formed us for bigger plans than most people imagine. This book covers such Bible characters as Isaac, Ruth, Boaz, and Jochebed. (13 lessons; 35 pages; PDF file size 1.1 MB)

Ordinary People Rising (Volume 2) covers many New Testament characters, such as Mary, Simeon, Zacharias, Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus, Apollos, Demetrius, and Gauis. (13 lessons; 41 pages; PDF file size 1 MB)

Ordinary People Rising (Volume 3) covers many Old Testament characters, such as Shiphrah, Puah, Joshua, Caleb, Mordecai, Abel, and Enoch. (13 lessons; 41 pages; PDF file size 1.2 MB)


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