The Early Years Of Saul Of Tarsus (Second edition)

The Early Years Of Saul Of Tarsus

There was a time when Saul of Tarsus, the brilliant student of Rabban Gamaliel the Elder, tried to destroy the religion of Jesus of Nazareth. Saul had a part in putting Christians to death or in prison. After his conversion, he could never forget those terrible deeds. He always considered himself “the chief of sinners.” His only consolation was that he “did it ignorantly in unbelief.” In time, he could honestly say, “But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ.”

While numerous volumes have been dedicated to chronicling the Apostle Paul's missionary endeavors, scant attention is often given to his formative years in Tarsus of Cilicia. Raised as a Jew in a cosmopolitan Roman setting distant from Israel, Saul likely never anticipated the profound impact his upbringing in Tarsus would have on his future. Yet, in this diverse environment, he honed his intellect and engaged with individuals from various walks of life, an experience unmatched in Israel.

Sent by his parents to study at an esteemed Rabbinical College in Jerusalem, Saul immersed himself in the teachings of Gamaliel, the preeminent authority on Jewish law during the first century. This book delves into Saul's early life, drawing extensively from ancient sources to illuminate his journey.

The Early Years Of Saul Of Tarsus (second edition) is a 46-page book by David Padfield. This book contains many color photographs and extensive doumentation (PDF file size: 10.4 MB).